Rebellina - The Rebel Ballerina

“My art is my love, my passion is my motivator, my technique is the glue” ~ Rebellina    

 Each blank canvas starts with both the paralyzing fear of failure and the hope of boundless opportunity expressed through the media of paint and dance. Rebellina’s journey started as Jennifer Jones in the humble town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where from an early age, Jennifer had a passion for figure skating and dance. Her ballet career was tragically cut short in its prime by an auto accident when she was seventeen. It was years later after a move to Los Angeles that Jennifer found a way to continue her passion for dance and turn it into art--by becoming Rebellina. 

"Limitations are something you give yourself. When you combine truth and intense love, the limits fall away and everything becomes possible,” Jennifer believes. After the sudden death of a close friend, Jennifer was compelled to dance again and created her first painting entitled “The Ghost of You.” She recalls this being a pivotal moment and the true birth of Rebellina. The Rebel Ballerina comes from Jennifer's spirit and the belief that conformity is not acceptable: "I do what feels right for me even if that means I break conventional rules or push limits and buttons. I paint lines--I don't walk them."

Each painting comes from the true depths of Jennifer's soul and psyche, moments of complete vulnerability, truth, passion, love, lust, life, hardships, and sometimes a little happiness. "People are the heart and music is the soul for every piece I create," Jennifer says. She pulls inspiration primarily from music and the people in her life that touch her heart. "Nothing moves me like a great song or a relationship gone wrong. It's my therapy. My art is something that sees me through my darkest hours--a beacon, my lighthouse, showing me the way back to safety.”

Rebellina has a unique process to create her works of art. She selects a subject--a person--and chooses her color palette and a collection of songs based on how that person makes her feel. After tying her pointe shoes, Rebellina dips her toes in paint and lets the music dictate where the dance takes her, transferring her movements and emotions onto the canvas. The once blank canvas is now transformed into a tangible representation of the artist’s expression.

Through the arduous task of self-discovery, Rebellina has used her art as her therapy and her motivation. “I refuse to give in, I won't conform, I won't give up, I am a fighter and this love of mine runs swift and strong through my veins,” she said recently before a New York performance. Later that evening in a lighthearted moment she remarked with a smile, “It's a beautiful medium as long as you remember to take your slippers off before walking through the house.” 

Rebellina’s recent shows in New York City and Los Angeles have rekindled her passion for performance and she continues with her pursuit both in her private studio and onstage.